Thank you for a great season

Thanks to all of the performers and the supporters of this year's Downers Grove Music Club and Downers Grove Public Library Concert Series. May 20th's concert, Classical Jam, was a big success. Performances of Debussy, Rachmaninoff, and Bernstein to name a few, were a wonderful conclusion to this year's series. Stay tuned for next year's concert schedule beginning in September.

Classical Jam Concert

Be sure to see our final concert of the season: "Classical Jam" on Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 2:00 pm at the Downers library. It features an enjoyable variety of classical music - solo piano, instrumentals and voice - performed by DGMC musicians before we break for summer. DGMC elections will follow the program. You can RSVP to attend and view the program here on our homepage.

Rising Stars and College Music Awards announced

Announcing the Downers Grove Music Club 2018 Student Award winners at both Downers Grove North and Downers Grove South high schools. The College Music Awards go to seniors Allison Brandt (DGS - clarinet), Daniel King (DGS - clarinet) and Cecilia Kowara (DGN - voice). Honorable mentions go to seniors Nicolette Cheaure (DGS - viola) and Bryan Monk (DGN - violin). The Rising Star Awards go to juniors Lucie Boyd (DGN - viola), Amelia Korbitz (DGN - violin), and Kelly Jankowski (DGS - trumpet).

Congratulations to all! More information about the DGMC Music Award program is available under our Education menu tab.

Private Lesson Awards announced at District 58 north side concert

Congratulations to these 5th and 6th grade students who received the Downers Grove Music Club Private Lesson Awards at the recent District 58 north side orchestra concert. This award is made possible by the generous donation from the Bulut family in memory of their mother, Shelby, a passionate music educator. The Music Club is excited to help these young string students challenge themselves further toward music excellence.

Private Lesson Awards announced at District 58 south side concert

Congratulations to the three 5th and 6th graders who received the Downers Grove Music Club Private Lesson Awards at the recent District 58 south side orchestra concert. These students are receiving funding to enroll in 12 weeks of private lessons with a professional string musician. These students were selected based on their demonstration of hard work thus far and their enthusiasm to learn more.

Rising Stars program concert

CONGRATULATIONS to all the outstanding performers at the annual Downers Grove Music Club's Rising Stars program. This concert featured the Ragazze Ensemble of Spirito! Singers, the young District 58 6th grade violinist who was one of the first recipients of the DGMC Private Lesson Music Awards, the five District 99 seniors who received the 2017 DGMC Rising Star Music Awards, two District 99 sophomores who received perfect scores at the IHSA Solo and Ensemble Festival, and the winners of the DGMC Piano Festival and Competition.

Check out the concert pics here.

March 23rd Benefit House Concert

Our Benefit was a huge success! Ticket sales exceeded expectations, the music was exceptional, the food and drink were wonderful, and everyone had a great time. We made our goal to fully fund the high school level music awards totalling $4400. Thanks everyone for a terrific event!

View the pictures here.

2018 Piano Fest Winner

Thank you to the Rotary Club of Downers Grove for monetarily supporting the Downers Grove Music Club's annnual Piano Festival and Competition with the First Place Award to this year's Senior Competition winner. A special congratulations to Nicklas Nelson - our 2018 Piano Festival & Competition winner!